Play City Rock Festival – Best summer event!

July 4, 2010

“One of the best rock festivals ever held in Yerevan!” was posted in one of Armenian blogs after the concert.
The PLAY CITY is a biggest entertainment center in downtown of Yerevan, providing exclusive services of Go Karts, Catapult, Billiards, Paintball, Laser Shot, Bowling, Mini-golf and much more.
To promote the new exciting attraction – the Buggy Carting in Play City, SP Marketing llc organized an Open Air Rock Fest in Yerevan.

Participating groups were: Empyray, Stryfe, Bambir, Dorians, Dogma, Artsruni Band from Armenia, and from Georgia – Heavy Cross and Rema.
Concert started at 18:00, entrance and transportation were free. Starting from 16:00 special buses carried everyone from the center of the city to PLAY CITY entertainment center.

The organizers goal was to make the best summer event, thus the full technical production of the concert was trusted to EVOLUTION.
… and on 5th of June the City was Rocking.

The Best Summer Open Air Rock Concert in Yerevan!

EVOLUTION provided:
Lighting Rig: XR2000 Beam, XR2000 Spot, Delta 7R, XR9 Spot, XR8 Wash, Titan RGBA, FOS100 Solo etc. by DTS Lighting Italy.
Console: GrandMA Light
Lighting Designer: Mr. Karen Vardanyan

Stage&truss: Butec, Eurotruss

FOH PA & monitor wedge: TFA600H, TFA600W, TSW218, TXD15m, TXD12m by Turbosound UK
Console: Yamaha LS9/32
Stage sound engineer: Mr. Vardges Sayadyan
PA sound engineer: Mr. Karen Chilingaryan

We are the Winners!!!

April 24, 2010

We are proud to announce that the new XR300 BEAM by D.T.S. is the winner of the PLASA/09 Awards for Innovation.
It confirms the extraordinary growth of D.T.S. over the last years, marked by the creation of unique products, such as the DELTA series LED projectors and the XR2000 series high-power moving heads.
The award ceremony took place on Monday, 14 September.
The prize was handed to Silvano Latteo, President and Franco Zaghini, VP of Sales of D.T.S., who received the PLASA/09 Award on behalf of the entire D.T.S. staff.

The PLASA Awards for Innovation recognise products which advance the industry by demonstrating a new style of thinking, improving technical practice, or taking a key step forward in terms of safety.

The XR300 BEAM is a new compact moving head with an extremely high light power, projecting a parallel and very concentrated beam.
With its new optical unit, the XR300 BEAM generates 135.000 Lux at 5 metres, using only a 300 W lamp, giving an exceptional balance between performance and power consumption.

The XR300 BEAM features a breakthrough in moving-head technology, dubbed Free Axis Rotation (“FAR”). The FAR system allows limitless pan and tilt rotation: the XR300 BEAM head rotates freely on its axes, horizontally or vertically, without interruption, in either direction, never having to reverse motion.

Evolution LLC is the national distributor of DTS Illuminasione srl in Armenia.

See the XR300 BEAM technical info sheet

Click the link above to see the XR300 BEAM technical info sheet.

New “Stage Assassins” from DTS Lighting at Prolight+Sound 2010!

March 25, 2010

DTS Illuminazione, the lighting partner of EVOLUTION, presented its new “Stage Assassins” (named by Evolution team) range of equipment at Prolight+Sound 2010, Frankfurt.

DTS shown a variety of new products, including:
DELTA 10 R ZOOM high-power LED projector, featuring 240 LEDs, motorized linear zoom, fast motorized Pan & Tilt.
XR3000 BEAM the most powerful beam projector in its range: 283.500 Lux/5m
XR2000 BEAM with ‘FPR’ technology for limitless pan rotation
XR3000 SPOT CMY the extra-versatile moving head that delivers a massive 85.000 Lux at 5 m.
XR2000 SPT CMY with ‘FPR’ technology
the AWARD winning XR300  BEAM with ‘FARFree Axis Rotation technology, 135.000 Lux at 5 m.

More info on the new range you can get from .

EMPYRAY live in concert by Evolution

July 29, 2009

Empyray live concert by Evolution

EVOLUTION team will host the Empiray rock band on 31st July 2009 in Avantgarde music club.

PA system will be Turbosound Flex Array, monitor wedge – TXD M series.

Microphones  –  Sennheiser E900 series, Shure ULXP

Trussing – Eurotruss

Show Lighting – Wash, Spot, Delta and Titan Led projectors and Par and Theatrical projector for fill light.

This is will be the first full production project for EMPIRAY band with EVOLUTION, we are sure it is the start of long cooperation, and it’s expected to be the best concert of the band in Armeni.

Empyray (Armenian: ???????) is an Armenian rock group, working in heavy rock, hard rock and oriental rock genres. Their works are characterized by imposing vocal, surprising melody transitions, thoughtful lyrics in Armenian and English languages and complete, harmonic musical forms. The group was formed in 1993 on initiative of Sargis Manoukyan and Karen Arzumanyan. There have been about 50 concerts since than, but they got wide recognition only in 2005. In 2006 Empyray recorded its debut CD album with 13 tracks in the group’s own studio, gave its first solo concert and won Armenian National Music Awards in category “Best Rock Band”.

The LEaDer of LEDs

May 30, 2009

Delta 7 R, DTS LightingDELTA 7 RGB R is the brightest LED colour changer in its category.
In fact its light source is composed of 108 x 1W P4 type LEDs (36 Red, 36 Green, 36 Blue) coupled with dedicated lenses, that give a better light efficiency than 3W or K2 LEDs, and project an extremely intense beam: 4446 Lux at 5 m (spot lenses).
The LEDs even distribution pattern featuring the same quantity of red, green and blue LEDs guarantees high mixing quality for RGB colours and a uniform projection on surfaces, no matter what colour is used. DELTA 7 RGB R can generate 16 million colours; colour temperature can be varied over a linear range from 3200°K to 5500°K.
Four optical units that can be easily interchanged by users are available, offering different light beam projection angles (Spot, Medium flood, Wide flood, Very Wide Flood) and optimized for the use of DELTA 7 RGB R at different distances from the surfaces to be coloured.
DELTA 7 RGB R offers an IP65 protection rating, making it suitable for a vast variety of uses, either outdoor or indoor.
DELTA 7 RGB R has a full-range AC 90-260 V, 50-60 Hz power supply, and therefore ensures reliable operation even in the case of voltage drops. DELTA 7 RGB R can be used without external consoles, in chains of colour changers including up to 32 units.
DELTA 7 RGB R offers a range of exclusive functions, including: * Twilight sensor for switching the unit on and off automatically, according to external light intensity.
The sensitivity of the sensor can be varied by the user, making it particularly suitable for optimising energy savings. * 3 different colour mixing modes: RGB, CMY, HSV.
* Possibility of memorizing a personalized white either from the menu or via DMX. The white is recalled with the dedicated DMX “White” channel. All functions of the internal DELTA 7 RGB R menu can be programmed and memorized in a sequence of events (including different luminosity settings, generation of 16 million different colours,
special effects, etc.), which can be played back in a predetermined sequence over an entire week. DELTA 7 RGB R features an exclusive motorized movement of the head on 3 axes; it can operate in vertical, horizontal or inverted positions, and can be positioned on the floor or ground, or fitted to trusses; it is complete with a practical accessory for anchorage to the ground.

XR 2000 BEAM : NEW and groundBreaking

May 29, 2009

XR 2000 BEAMXR2000 BEAM is a new compact moving head with an extremely high light power, projecting a parallel and very concentrated beam.
With its new lens unit, XR2000 BEAM generates a luminosity of an incredible 150,000 Lux at 5 metres, using only a 700 W lamp, giving an exceptional balance between performance and power consumption.
XR2000 BEAM is designed for a wide range of professional applications, like concerts, shows, tours and big events.XR2000 BEAM ensures in fact great flexibility in use, because in a single projector it incorporates a range of functions normally available only on different units (long-throw projectors with high-power lamps, PAR 64 ACL, moving heads).XR2000 BEAM offers:
* Exceptional light power (150,000 Lux at 5 metres);
* The capacity to project a highly condensed and intense beam of light even over great distances, thanks to the high efficiency of the new lens;
* Variety of colours (linear CMY synthesis + wheel with 7 colours);
* Customizable gobo wheel;
* Insertable frost filter (soft edge);
* Fast and uniform Pan and Tilt movements.
The XR2000 BEAM is also the ideal light for a vast range of applications in which quiet operation is a priority, thanks to its silent ventilation system and silent pan/tilt operation.
The 16 bit Pan/Tilt mechanism features an exclusive Super Speed function, and a locking system with recessed buttons. Access to every feature of the internal menu is simple and direct, thanks to the new user interface featuring a LCD backlit graphic display (128 x 64).