XR 2000 BEAM : NEW and groundBreaking

May 29, 2009 by  

XR 2000 BEAMXR2000 BEAM is a new compact moving head with an extremely high light power, projecting a parallel and very concentrated beam.
With its new lens unit, XR2000 BEAM generates a luminosity of an incredible 150,000 Lux at 5 metres, using only a 700 W lamp, giving an exceptional balance between performance and power consumption.
XR2000 BEAM is designed for a wide range of professional applications, like concerts, shows, tours and big events.XR2000 BEAM ensures in fact great flexibility in use, because in a single projector it incorporates a range of functions normally available only on different units (long-throw projectors with high-power lamps, PAR 64 ACL, moving heads).XR2000 BEAM offers:
* Exceptional light power (150,000 Lux at 5 metres);
* The capacity to project a highly condensed and intense beam of light even over great distances, thanks to the high efficiency of the new lens;
* Variety of colours (linear CMY synthesis + wheel with 7 colours);
* Customizable gobo wheel;
* Insertable frost filter (soft edge);
* Fast and uniform Pan and Tilt movements.
The XR2000 BEAM is also the ideal light for a vast range of applications in which quiet operation is a priority, thanks to its silent ventilation system and silent pan/tilt operation.
The 16 bit Pan/Tilt mechanism features an exclusive Super Speed function, and a locking system with recessed buttons. Access to every feature of the internal menu is simple and direct, thanks to the new user interface featuring a LCD backlit graphic display (128 x 64).

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