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August 7, 2009 by  

Infinity by Evolution Evolution again proved its excellence in  event production and presentation during the Elite Life Fair in Yerevan, a luxury exhibition, June 26th 2009.

This time the lucky clients were Fora Llc and Armenia Lada Llc, the official representatives of Infiniti/Nisan, Land Rover/Range Rover, Volvo cars in Armenia. The subject from clients was to show and prove the professionalism and the “power” of companies and presented brands. During the event should be also the first presentation of  Infiniti FX50. The models arrangement, make-up, custom made dresses and choreography was best done by Infashion Marketing Llc.

The open-air space about 250sq meter were outlined and designed by trusses as a high-end booth, were used 24 moving heads and 30 par cans to light whole space. For FX50 were constructed a small stand with stage and trusses which before the show was covered by silk curtain. Two Delta 7 R, four Titan Solos and four XR8 washes were specially programmed and used only for FX50 presentation. The separate small stage with sound installation was constructed for DJ, who was plaing specialy made tracks during the show and after.

The new four  XR 2000 BEAMS from DTS Lighting were final exciting surprise for all guests, the beams they projected could be possible to see from the opposite side of the Yerevan city.

The result – about 2000 excited guest, sold cars during the event, more than satisfied clients and the nomination of The Best Presentation was awarded to the Infiniti FX50 presentation organizers.

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