CORDIALY in Armenia

November 20, 2010

We are glad to announce that EVOLUTION LLC is appointed as Distributor of CORDIAL GmbH Sound & Audio Equipment in Armenia.

CORDIAL is the one of the industry leaders and the only in its category top class brand represented in Armenia.

Already twenty years now, every single day, CORDIAL has been checking the marketplace and that is why it has constantly been able to adjust to demands and wishes of music lovers and musicians when it comes to developing new and customer-oriented products. To keep up the good work, CORDIAL always endeavor not only to identify, but, also to follow new paths by utilizing new ideas, robust and high-grade materials and unique production technologies. CORDIAL always keeps in mind that the market is constantly growing and requirements with it. Therefore CORDIAL only employs high-grade components for its ready-made products and the NEUTRIK® company has turned out to be its ideal partner for a homogeneous, smooth and productive cooperation enabling CORDIAL always to have its fingers on the pulse of time.

CORDIAL product lines offer suitable solutions to all fields of application and for every kind of budget so that everybody will find the fitting tool to realize her or his individual sound ideas.

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Contact EVOLUTION regarding any inquiry for CORDIAL products.

Turbosound Armenia updates the stock!

March 28, 2010

The Armenian Distributor of  Turbosund recently updated the rental and sales stocks with the new and already well known products range – Milan M15 , TFA 600H , TFA 600W , TCS B218, Impact T55, NuQ 6, NuQ 8, TCS 61, B-18, B-12DP.
The most exciting experience was with new and perspective Milan MI5.

Drawing on almost three decades of experience at the sharp end of pro audio, the Milan series incorporates proprietary technology found in Turbosound’s high end concert touring products and is designed with musicians, DJs and small installs in mind. Milan features high efficiency Class D amplifiers which give the most output from lightweight portable packages, along with sophisticated DSP to ensure optimum audio quality and driver protection at all levels and in any venue. Milan’s two-channel onboard mixer accommodates a range of dynamic microphones and line level sources, and provides a flexible platform from which to extend system capability without the need for external mixers.

“Turbosound’s ongoing development program offers class-leading engineering standards to all the markets we address. With the Milan MI5 and MI8 bass making their European debut here – having already shipped 2000 units – this represents a significant development for the gigging musician or small rental firm alike. Two MI5s and an MI8 sub offers a serious PA and access to our signature sound at price point never previously available,” says sales director Dom Harter.

Download Milan Brochure

Born to Change

June 3, 2009

Flex Array speaker system

In continuation of development of the Dream-Team partners, Evolution Llc is officially appointed as a Distributor of one-of-the top brands in sound systems production Turbosound UK .

Turbosound designs and manufactures high quality professional loudspeaker systems for the live music and fixed installation markets, proven by the vast number of endorsements of major international artistes and prestigious permanent installations around the world.

The first order of FlexArrays is already in Armenia and have been implemented different style live concerts using this high end PA system. Everyone were excited with delivered superb coverage and a remarkable amount of power and clarity from such “small boxes”.

The partnership with Turbosound will force the show industry and the concert production overall in Armenia  to the new higher level, as always Evolution does since its foundation.

The PA system and monitors wedge order were developed by the best in country sound engineer Mr. Karen Chilingaryan, the head of sound department of Evolution Llc.

The LEaDer of LEDs

May 30, 2009

Delta 7 R, DTS LightingDELTA 7 RGB R is the brightest LED colour changer in its category.
In fact its light source is composed of 108 x 1W P4 type LEDs (36 Red, 36 Green, 36 Blue) coupled with dedicated lenses, that give a better light efficiency than 3W or K2 LEDs, and project an extremely intense beam: 4446 Lux at 5 m (spot lenses).
The LEDs even distribution pattern featuring the same quantity of red, green and blue LEDs guarantees high mixing quality for RGB colours and a uniform projection on surfaces, no matter what colour is used. DELTA 7 RGB R can generate 16 million colours; colour temperature can be varied over a linear range from 3200°K to 5500°K.
Four optical units that can be easily interchanged by users are available, offering different light beam projection angles (Spot, Medium flood, Wide flood, Very Wide Flood) and optimized for the use of DELTA 7 RGB R at different distances from the surfaces to be coloured.
DELTA 7 RGB R offers an IP65 protection rating, making it suitable for a vast variety of uses, either outdoor or indoor.
DELTA 7 RGB R has a full-range AC 90-260 V, 50-60 Hz power supply, and therefore ensures reliable operation even in the case of voltage drops. DELTA 7 RGB R can be used without external consoles, in chains of colour changers including up to 32 units.
DELTA 7 RGB R offers a range of exclusive functions, including: * Twilight sensor for switching the unit on and off automatically, according to external light intensity.
The sensitivity of the sensor can be varied by the user, making it particularly suitable for optimising energy savings. * 3 different colour mixing modes: RGB, CMY, HSV.
* Possibility of memorizing a personalized white either from the menu or via DMX. The white is recalled with the dedicated DMX “White” channel. All functions of the internal DELTA 7 RGB R menu can be programmed and memorized in a sequence of events (including different luminosity settings, generation of 16 million different colours,
special effects, etc.), which can be played back in a predetermined sequence over an entire week. DELTA 7 RGB R features an exclusive motorized movement of the head on 3 axes; it can operate in vertical, horizontal or inverted positions, and can be positioned on the floor or ground, or fitted to trusses; it is complete with a practical accessory for anchorage to the ground.

XR 2000 BEAM : NEW and groundBreaking

May 29, 2009

XR 2000 BEAMXR2000 BEAM is a new compact moving head with an extremely high light power, projecting a parallel and very concentrated beam.
With its new lens unit, XR2000 BEAM generates a luminosity of an incredible 150,000 Lux at 5 metres, using only a 700 W lamp, giving an exceptional balance between performance and power consumption.
XR2000 BEAM is designed for a wide range of professional applications, like concerts, shows, tours and big events.XR2000 BEAM ensures in fact great flexibility in use, because in a single projector it incorporates a range of functions normally available only on different units (long-throw projectors with high-power lamps, PAR 64 ACL, moving heads).XR2000 BEAM offers:
* Exceptional light power (150,000 Lux at 5 metres);
* The capacity to project a highly condensed and intense beam of light even over great distances, thanks to the high efficiency of the new lens;
* Variety of colours (linear CMY synthesis + wheel with 7 colours);
* Customizable gobo wheel;
* Insertable frost filter (soft edge);
* Fast and uniform Pan and Tilt movements.
The XR2000 BEAM is also the ideal light for a vast range of applications in which quiet operation is a priority, thanks to its silent ventilation system and silent pan/tilt operation.
The 16 bit Pan/Tilt mechanism features an exclusive Super Speed function, and a locking system with recessed buttons. Access to every feature of the internal menu is simple and direct, thanks to the new user interface featuring a LCD backlit graphic display (128 x 64).